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  • noun physics A change in the wavelength of light, in which the wavelength is shorter than when it was emitted at the source.


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blue +‎ shift


  • "blueshift", methods for determining whether a star is moving away from or towards you respectively.

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  • The spectrograph allowed the researchers to monitor the redshift or blueshift of light as the planet orbited the star.

    Second Exoplanet with Retrograde Orbit Discovered | Universe Today

  • First with the dipole motion, the redshift/blueshift pattern caused by our motion.

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  • I believe we would, except that the redshift of the classical Doppler Effect is exactly cancelled out by the gravitational blueshift caused by the cosmic gravitation field.

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  • In the mean-velocity Doppler model, the blueshift acceleration experienced by the travelling photon is essentially the same contractive gravitational acceleration experienced by the galaxies in the Hubble Flow, so the photon does not experience any gravitational time dilation which differs from the underlying time dilation inherent in the FLRW metric.

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  • Because acceleration is so dominant, the net effect is that the potential decays while the photon traverses the well, meaning that the photon emerges with a slight net blueshift, compared to how it entered.

    Evolving Potentials

  • So the initial acceleration toward the observer (which causes blueshift) is very high.

    Does Space Expand?

  • Prof. Peacock combines an integration of SR redshift and gravitational blueshift.

    Does Space Expand?

  • This is the gravitational blueshift effect that Prof. Peacock describes in his “diatribe” and which Matt, Geraint, Luke and Berian allude to in their recent radar ranging paper.

    Does Space Expand?

  • That is, the collapse action of the cosmic gravitation imparts a blueshift (like an accelerating moving sidewalk) to the photon, which exactly offsets and compensates for its classical Doppler redshift.

    Does Space Expand?


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