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  • n. Plural form of blunt.


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  • In 2008, Holmes faced a charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession after police found marijuana-filled cigars known as blunts in his car during a traffic stop.

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  • PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes will be mailed a summons by police who say they found marijuana-filled cigars known as blunts in his car during a ...

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  • Danny McGoldrick, vice president of research for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said changing the weight threshold to 4.5 pounds per thousand would help address the issue. without affecting tax rates for products such as blunts and cigarillos "that really are cigars."

    Close, and It Is a Cigar

  • But marijuana is becoming trendy again, thanks in part to rappers and their "blunts" (Phillies cigars hollowed out and refilled) and to proselytizing by such white rockers as the Black Crowes.

    Twenty-Five Years Later, We're Still Living In Woodstock Nation

  • Well on this page, the student listed one of his interests smoking blunts which is a cigar filled with marijuana.

    CNN Transcript Jun 17, 2006

  • In the final play of Shakespeare, on the other hand, there is a motive which is more important than that of revenge, and which explicitly "blunts" the latter; the delay in revenge is unexplained on grounds of necessity or expediency; and the effect of the "madness" is not to lull but to arouse the king's suspicion.

    Hamlet and His Problems

  • A 32-year-old Rosemount man has been charged with child endangerment, neglect and other crimes after he allegedly showed his nephew how to roll marijuana "blunts" and got stoned with him, all in videos posted on the Internet. rss feed

  • Both Dorsey and Verser reportedly told Harrell and Reed they had marijuana "blunts" in their pockets, and Harrell also reported seeing marijuana residue on the car seats and floorboard,


  • DJs J-Boogie - Diversify - Raw B - Wisdom interviewed Just-Ice about his classic '86 debut, Back to the Old School, for XXL recently, I asked him about his use of the term "blunts" in the track

  • But then again you do smoke "blunts" and were probably high, killing off the few brain cells that you do have when you wrote that post.

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