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  • adv. In a blurry fashion; lacking clarity


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

blurry +‎ -ly


  • While there's no official definition, bed and breakfasts are blurrily considered to be independent inns with three or more guest rooms, often part of the owner's house.

    Potpourri-Free B&Bs

  • But it just sort of eased through the news, blurrily.

    The No-Obama Drama

  • You lived with them in the neonatal intensive care unit, hooked up to tubes, your tiny body blurrily opaque through the plastic surrounding you.

    Knowing Jesse

  • As we walked through the door, our sleep-deprived brains blurrily did the math: three guys plus two beds equals a big problem.

    Paradise General

  • Billy Crudup and Mark Ruffalo were welcomed warmly and recognized, if often a bit blurrily.

    Celebrities, Brokers Trade for Charity

  • His hands above his head as someone blurrily waved the metal-seeking wand across his body, his sleeves fallen back under the power of gravity.

    Dead Zero

  • “What a vision,” I thought blurrily through my fog of meds and exhaustion.

    The Beauty of Love

  • Ralph asked Ingrid blurrily, later, when we had finished The Story of O and had a serious discussion about its narrative departures from its source and were casting about for what to watch next.

    The Legacy

  • Instead, by carefully omitting this crucial contextual passage, Obama allowed himself to give a token nod to Eisenhower's thinking without applying it sincerely to his decision to spend a minimum entry fee of $30 billion on a campaign of blurrily preemptive goals and a hazy timeline.

    Eugene Jarecki: Talking the Talk: An Exercise in Irony From West Point to Oslo

  • Afterward, she used a paper towel to blow her nose and then smiled blurrily at Myra.



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