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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bob.


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  • But hardly had a few years passed before the German cousin bobbed up at the edge of the desert and the shores of the Nile; and now the travel was to Ceylon, India and Japan, till at length the Englishman had to confess with a sigh of resignation that nowhere on the earth was it possible for him to escape his fate in the shape of a German.

    The Prussian Mind

  • Among the people the priest did not particularly want to know was a very dominant-looking lady, sensationally clad in scarlet, with a mane of yellow hair too long to be called bobbed, but too loose to be called anything else.

    The Complete Father Brown

  • Now, from what we were able and we'll spend months looking at the track of this storm now and why it moved one direction or the other but once it got on land or once it made its first impulse moving on the land at the mouth of the Mississippi there, it seemed to have just kind of bobbed a little bit to the right.

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2005

  • The stranger, who was dressed in a rather graceful and perhaps rather flamboyant adaptation of the prevailing fashion, was picturesque and radiant to the extreme: slender, dark, vivid, with big, dark eyes in a small pointed face, dark hair "bobbed" and curling sufficiently to turn under about her ears and neck, a rather large mouth flanked by really extraordinary dimples, and an expression at once gay and saucy and sweet and appealing withal.

    Elsie Marley, Honey

  • Though married in haste they did not wait for leisure before they repented, but commenced quarrelling at once, until _Esmé_, in order to test his love and that of an admirer who was helping to complicate matters, "bobbed" her hair and threw the severed tresses at her husband.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 156, March 12, 1919

  • But through her "bobbed" hair was tucked a brilliant little silk flag, which carried out and emphasized the colouring of the flowers scattered over the pale pink silk of which its wearer's gown was made.

    From out the Vasty Deep

  • She had her curly hair "bobbed" (though the term was not invented then).

    Mrs. Warren's Daughter A Story of the Woman's Movement

  • As she performed, "Mike kind of bobbed his head along," says a partygoer.

    Carrie Underwood Fans

  • Both species have tufted ears and a ruffed face, but bobcats are differentiated by their slightly smaller build, more distinct fur markings and "bobbed" tail. Local Breaking News

  • We ended up chatting to this old, bearded American guy who 'bobbed' us. Recent Updates


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