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  • n. Plural form of bobblehead.


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  • The bobbleheads are a likeness of Obama in his high school basketball uniform and are part of Saturday's theme of fitness and healthy lifestyles.


  • September 14 will receive Free Dodger Dogs and the homestand also features several giveaway items for fans, including World of Dodgertown Fleece Blankets on Tuesday, September 15 and Manny Ramirez curtain call bobbleheads on Wednesday, September 16.

    True Blue LA

  • a little sick and tired of the same old things every year, but the bobbleheads are the really hot piece right now. - Teams aren't dropping ball, just bobbling it

  • The debate came after Mr McLindon launched another broadside in a talkback radio interview in the morning, suggesting his colleagues were "bobbleheads", novelty dolls with oversized heads which bounce up and down with a light tap. | Top Stories

  • "News" Media: "this requires some deep discussion ... let's get some bobbleheads in here to give their take on it" get the picture?

    Two very different takes on the jobs report

  • - The Jai Lewis bobbleheads have virtually stripped the Mason campus bare of cheeseburgers.

    Atlantic 11 Week 7: Georgetown wobbles

  • Ayers wants Americans to see beyond the battlefield maneuvers and battle flags, the pat narratives of brothers reluctantly taking up arms against brothers and the kitsch of Stonewall Jackson bobbleheads, and reimagine the conflict from the perspective of its most important consequence: the emancipation of 4 million slaves.

    In Richmond, a Civil War expert seeks to emancipate history's narrative

  • The point of the Hypotheticals Registry is not so much to see if the bobbleheads make the right calls about what will happen, but whether they can accurately forecast their own reactions to political developments from behind a partisan veil of ignorance.

    A Palin Thought Experiment

  • And if the bobbleheads, think tanks and other sharks are spending money, life is good. jeff says:

    Matthew Yglesias » DC Mayor’s Race Kicks Off

  • Maybe another strategery intended to acquire newbie bobbleheads rather than retain the experienced Shuttle workforce.

    Has Gen Y Taken Over NASA? - NASA Watch


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