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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bodge.


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  • If space permitted here, I could fill several pages with tales of half-finished jobs, unsafe wiring, leaking plumbing and other jobs bodged by idle half-wits who don't give a damn about quality, or even safety, as long as they get paid.

    Projects You Shouldn’t Try To DIY | Lifehacker Australia

  • One of my grand-dads was a Dr involved in liberating allied POW camps in Burma & Thailand, the other bodged aircraft back together from wrecks.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » A Sweet Jane alt-hist challenge!

  • As far as watching drivel goes, I know quite a few persons who are such incompetant buckets of lard and entrails you don't want them doing anything that might have consequences if bodged up.

    Television vs. the Outdoors

  • I happen to be 20yrs of age (From England) a big HSM fan and think that what you have written is pretty mean! .. infact way out of order and lets hope your greasy smelly hair get bodged up next operation you have to have!! sicko!

    SLACKERJACK – Cute Knight

  • To add to the sanitary problems putting athletes off attending the Delhi Commonwealth Games, a series of DIY SOS bodged building jobs also put the willies up competitors.

    A history of the year in 100 objects – part one

  • On the other side of the doorway is the pine corner-cupboard I bodged out of skip-wood containing spare blankets and Bushmills for cold nights.


  • I miss my flat where they (said jobsworths) had bodged everything so my bills were 37p a quarter for leccy and about 7p for gas.

    Drowning In Lies

  • It did seem a bit bodged-together from assorted wires rather than carefully reported from their guys, though.

    News from the House of Sticks -

  • And at the risk of repeating myself ad nauseum, they neither had any intention of using the 42 day provision - nor would they have been allowed to, regardless of the bodged up amendments and gobbledegook.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Totally slipshod and bodged together on an as needed basis dizzy said...

    Downing Street website says Wegg-Prosser "a prat, but not the prat"


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