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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bogart.


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  • As the Lakers and Celtics prepare to tip off in an actual playoff game Thursday night in Los Angeles, Mr. King has bogarted the hoop world's attention with a fountain-side gabfest with the most coveted headband in sports.

    LeBron Tells Larry All Options Open

  • Bush has continoulsy lied, cheated and bogarted his way through his terms.

    Perino on McClellan

  • Kerik bogarted about town as Rudy's “wingman”, covering for his peccadilloes, and racking up his own share while swaggering in bullet-headed glory as a brass-knuckled thug-cum-copper.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • I don't know if I should be pissed that someone bogarted what I had written on an LJ entry, one which obviously is public, yet should still be considered proprietery due to the fact that I wrote it, andneed a username and password to make such an entry.

    You have been quoted, but why?

  • The bad news: they've bogarted the book ... both have read it, and I still haven't had my turn.

    The Twilight Zone

  • Yep, and once again black women are left to bring up the rear, eating the dust of the patriarchs, well intentioned and otherwise, who've bogarted the lead.

    Jill Nelson: Black Women: First Dissed, Now Disappeared

  • I hung around and stood real still while she pinned me up, and while Conan the adorable pooch bogarted my jacket and scarf.

    Update Schmupdate

  • We bogarted a corner in the back, with padded benches and a couple of velvet pillows; it was out-of-the-way and we had to stand on tip-toes or crawl over tables to see the screen, but we managed.

    When it went down

  • If you were publishing a story about a certain blogging conference in the New York Times, and wanted an eye-catching photo to complement that story, the image of a heart-clenchingly adorable infant draped over his mother's back as she bogarted a microphone at one of the sessions is far more arresting than the front view of said mother bogarting said microphone, no question.

    In Which My Son - Clenching My Heart In His Little Fist - Eclipses Me Utterly

  • Well, that dude in the middle obviously bogarted the whole stash, and maybe the booze, too.

    Your Friday WTF « Whatever


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