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  • n. The imaginary elementary particle of bogosity; the anti-particle to the cluon.
  • n. An invalid Internet Protocol packet, particularly one sent from an address that is not in use.


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From bogus ("fake, phony") + -on ("suffix used to form names of elementary particles or fundamental units")


  • For instance, it will probably take months before addresses out of blocks and that were given to APNIC show up in actual use-if only to allow firewall administrators to remove those blocks from their "bogon" lists.

    Ars Technica

  • When a bogon, instrumentality of the night so powerful it could almost be considered a deity, turns up, he deals with it.

    Glen Cook - The Tyranny of the Night (Book Review)

  • Bogon: Something that is nonfunctional or stupid, as in, "I'd like to go to lunch with you but I've got to go to the weekly staff bogon."

    Live Wires

  • Notably, cutea was also blotto epsilon's co-creator for the recent zany bogon flux build - a wonky, wonderful building that rezzes and destroys itself...

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Can the forces of science be brought to bear to reverse our situation, and somehow deflect the bogon beams back onto their creators?

    The wrongness singularity

  • And, unfortunately, we in the reality based community are serving as a bogon sink, and the VRWC is still in a position to serve as a bogon source.

    The wrongness singularity

  • As is well known, “[B] ogons [the elementary particles of bogosity] also have tremendous inertia, and therefore a bogon beam is deflected only with great difficulty.”

    The wrongness singularity

  • Traditional bogon feed as source prefix flow routes


  • The potential field generated by a bogon flux; see quantum bogodynamics.


  • Comedy gold and great writing to boot: sandstone@35: "The women that's come from the North has a all country middle country appeal sure to grab a big slab of the bogon vote."

    Larvatus Prodeo


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