from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • noun A community of persons with artistic or literary tastes who adopt manners and mores conspicuously different from those expected or approved of by the majority of society.
  • noun The district in which bohemians live.

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  • noun Alternative capitalization of Bohemia


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[Back-formation from bohemian.]


  • Just as "bohemia" was the refuge of impecunious artists and writers, so Mexico will be to some NOB retirees.

    Are Foreigners Really Coming in Droves?

  • The word "bohemia" has many romantic connotations: thick dark forests, strong beer and fine glassware.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • At the bustling Orna and Ella bistro on Shenkin Street—synonymous with Tel Aviv bohemia—celebrities and entertainment executives nosh on pastries and sip espresso, not unlike at L.A.'s Toast.

    Coming to America

  • Good bets include Göran Olsson's "The Black Power Mixtape (1967-1975)," "Tyrannosaur" (the debut feature by British actor Paddy Considine), Nicolás Pereda's "Summer of Goliath" and "Microphone," whose look at contemporary Egyptian bohemia is of timely interest.

    The End of the World as We Know It

  • Today's bohemia, according to Mr. Chanler-Berat, may be somewhere off the L train.

    Bohemia or Bushwick

  • He is a man at ease in the life of a 21st-century aesthete, swaying between glamour and bohemia, the realms of Hollywood (with whose denizens he parties and for which he's written screenplays) and the Cape (where he's a beloved friend to brilliant people who eschew worldly ambition).

    Michael Cunningham and a new generation of writers transcend 'gay literature'

  • It's something to do with bohemia and computers ...... it's the underground with computers.

    Q&A with William Gibson

  • Hip is a moveable feast and as new wealth arrives, the new residents and professional developers are turning Berlin's bohemia into the new bourgeoisie.

    Berlin's Real-Estate Transformation

  • His accent is somewhere between Portobello Road bohemia and public school.

    The Young British Actors taking Hollywood by storm

  • Here I thought you were Bohemian and I said no my folks are from downstate and he says no bohemia isn't really a place anymore it's a state of mind for people who have aesthetic values and I said my sister is an aesthetician she graduated from Lane School of Hairdressing.

    He's Sarcastic


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