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  • n. Plural form of bohemian.


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  • Hotel Chelsea, the legendary downtown landmark that's been home to famous writers, artists, musicians and innumerable down-on-their-luck bohemians, is now the latest New York icon up for sale.

    Hotel Chelsea Seeks Buyer for Rehab

  • Simion, like all men of his type, was profoundly suspicious of those he termed bohemians.

    Kate Morton Ebook Collection

  • He argues, "Diverse, inclusive communities that welcome unconventional people-gays, immigrants, artists, and free-thinking 'bohemians'-are ideal for nurturing the creativity and innovation that characterize the knowledge economy…"

    What's Wrong with Richard Florida on Tolerance, Technology, and Talent

  • They were known as bohemians in those days, and there is some of that captured in that expression.

    Press Gallery

  • Crowded cafés, tiny bookstores, and peculiar bars — such are the breeding grounds of the endangered species known as bohemians, who once flourished in London’s Soho and on Paris’s Left Bank.

    July 2008 Table of Contents

  • Meantime, the _pariahs_, those who never arrive, the "bohemians" of

    The Torrent Entre Naranjos

  • Duchesse (trouble which the Duchesse had been unable to detect in the affected disdain and pretentious rudeness which made her believe the actress was not at all a snob) doubtless it came about from the fascination exercised upon society people by hardened bohemians which is parallel to that which bohemians feel about people in society, a double reaction which corresponds, in the political order, to the reciprocal curiosity and desire to be allies displayed by nations who have fought against each other.

    Time Regained

  • Or, as David Brooks wrote in Bobos in Paradise (Bobos is short for “bourgeois bohemians”): “Dumb good-looking people with great parents have been displaced by smart, ambitious, educated, and antiestablishment people with scuffed shoes.”

    Class Dismissed

  • Only we're doing it in an era when bohemians are more endangered than lemurs especially on the Lower East Side where our habitats have been converted into luxury housing for the wealthy.

    Rev Jen: Why 'Elf Girl' is Extremely Important

  • Though I had recently quit being an art teacher to become a stewardess, I longed to see the Left Bank and its bohemians.

    Carole Mallory: Pan Am Days: Dancing With Paris In 1966


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