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  • n. A bohemian
  • n. A style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, popular in the mid-first decade of the 21st century


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  • But its fashion backlash time, and boho is over, ladies.

    Verena von Pfetten: Tan Is The New Tacky

  • I suppose, come to think of it, that now we would be called boho though not C, who definitely leaned punk, but that term didn't exist back then, in the dark ages, when vintage meant the 40s and 50s.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • In fashion, orange may be the new black for the 2009, or "boho" the new "luxe", but loyalties to social media platforms aren't on the same timeline.

    What's Next After Twitter, Facebook? They're Not Dead Yet

  • "We were anticipating a bit of a 'boho' spirit here in New York," said Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus 'fashion director.

    Designers Throw a Pajama Party

  • Nublu itself is about as " boho " as it gets: tiny benches along the walls that can barely accommodate the behinds of thinny-thin supermodels; strange red medicine ball orbs that we ' re supposed to somehow sit on in the middle of the floor.

    Big Sounds, Written in the Stars

  • Their cavernous, cluttered downtown Manhattan loft (where the filmmaker actually grew up) is a character in its own right: a kind of boho Rube Goldberg-like womb in which the young, troubled protagonist — a boy/man on the verge of a nervous breakdown — reverts to his childhood, leafing through old comic books and seeking out the high-school lover who got away.

    Smiling in the Dark

  • Say she liked high fashion in magazines, but was cultivating a kind of boho punk aesthetic for herself.

    A Hypothetical Situation

  • Khloe: I'm always into maxi dresses because they're slinky and sexy and I just feel really pretty in them and kind of boho, even though I'm not really a boho girl.


  • He is, I suppose, a certain kind of boho romantic (assuming a preoccupation with failed relationships counts as "romantic"), and he understands how seemingly impractical details are inevitably the key to likable storytelling. Article Feed

  • Plus, it is a great piece to transition you from Winter to Spring, being perfectly on point for next season's eclectic "boho" trend, while being simple enough to be casually elegant.



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