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  • n. Plural form of bohunk.


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  • Brothers danced like half-crazed bohunks on speed, swung their life-weary arms to the wail of Denver.

    Pheasant Hunt

  • Not to mention Hughes casual inclusion of racist terms like β€œbohunks” in his scripts that Peter pointed out above.

    Modern Mondays: This Is England (2006)

  • Although I would have preferred if the writers made my cast surrogate one of the ruggedly handsome bohunks than the older gentlemen.

    Yes, That Was a Shout-Out ...

  • They were being called a lot of other things by the cowboys, tooβ€”bohunks, nesters, and honyockers.

    Stands a Calder Man

  • Fat chanst y 'got with them bohunks armed with rifles!

    Every Man for Himself

  • But the one that had been on its way to remedy the weakness turned slightly sideways and glanced off into the group of frozen bohunks below.

    The Return of Blue Pete

  • As he looked out over the tumble of log and canvas, he vowed that when it was all over he would provide a bang-up feed that would send the bohunks away with one pleasant memory at least.

    The Return of Blue Pete

  • The Police want you to identify the bohunks in that gang the other night that tried to blow up the trestle.

    The Return of Blue Pete

  • Followed a few minutes of more careful fighting, as the roused bohunks began to retaliate; and then a sense of personal danger not to be countered by any amount of exertion.

    The Return of Blue Pete

  • It gits harder every time the bohunks do things, 'cause somebody's allus watchin '.

    The Return of Blue Pete


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