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  • n. Plural form of bolt-hole.


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  • The audience, mostly elderly naturalists, sat on pew-like benches pushed close together, pleased to have the speaker toss them the sort of biological bonbons Darwin himself liked to collect: the mice on St. Kilda, for instance, are twice the size of those on the Scottish mainland, possibly because there are no weasels to send them fleeing down narrow bolt-holes.

    Heart of Darwin

  • From Mobutu to "Baby Doc," here's a look at some of the bolt-holes favored by dictators past.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Paris was no keener on maintaining bolt-holes out of secret funds than London, and the pair of us transferred to the Golden Ship, myself to complete my convalescence and Delzons to enjoy a holiday - or so he said, but I suspect he was keeping an eye on me to see that I didn't get into mischief.


  • I hollow out one of the old bolt-holes in the top to accommodate a smooth, round flattened pebble from the Hebrides, like a tiny curling stone.


  • With the financial system teetering and the government bankrupt, no wonder there are suddenly a surfeit of "masters of the universe", and business consultant types looking for bolt-holes with Brown.

    John Rentoul today puts Trevor Kavanagh and myself in the...

  • Bin Laden and his surviving Al Qaeda commanders will, Bush aides predict, seek refuge in other Muslim states that are failing or on the brink of failure: they point to Somalia, Yemen, Sudan as the likeliest bolt-holes, with the more robust nations of Indonesia and the Philippines as possible fallbacks.

    After Afghanistan, What Next?

  • Arrowheads turn up in backyard gardens, cellars hide Underground Railroad bolt-holes and, sometimes, tombstones lie undiscovered in a corner of the back yard.

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • She hadn't tapped for trapdoors or false walls — the noise might have awakened someone — but experience told her that it wouldn't be a proper lair if it didn't have at least a secret basement and some bolt-holes.


  • Our tenant house had been one of his many bolt-holes until Union men burned it.

    The Merlot Murders

  • Over and beneath boulders, squirming through bolt-holes and up flue-like openings, bruised and with bleeding hands, at last the top was reached, harsh with granite, and there to the right, on a gigantic splintered boulder which seemed to block the end of the ravine and to peer down into the blue bay below, was the crystal glinting in sunshine.

    Tropic Days


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