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  • n. Plural form of bolt-rope.


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  • But they never took it in; for at that moment it started to blow away out of the bolt-ropes, and in but few moments all that was left of it was


  • As it was, they cut away the remnants of the mizzen-lower-topsail with their sheath-knives, and they loosed the main-skysail out of its bolt-ropes.


  • At the same moment, too, with a loud double report, the foresail and main-topsail blew out of the bolt-ropes, floating away in the distance.

    The White Squall A Story of the Sargasso Sea

  • There was no power in the tiller to "keep her away" before the blast, for the rudder was almost out of water; but, fortunately, our mainsail burst in shreds from the bolt-ropes, and, relieving us from its pressure, allowed the schooner to right under control of the helm.

    Captain Canot or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver

  • The canvas was carried clean from the bolt-ropes, the sheets were let go, and the lighter sails clewed up, and an attempt made to get the ship's head to the wind and lay her to.

    The Von Toodleburgs Or, The History of a Very Distinguished Family

  • When he had done so, the jib fluttered a couple of moments like a handkerchief, then tore out of the bolt-ropes and vanished.

    Chris Farrington, Able Seaman

  • Cappy was a very stupid mate and all the canvas had just been blown out of the bolt-ropes.

    Cappy Ricks Retires

  • The lower-topsail, its sheets parted by the fall of the crojack-yard, was tearing out of the bolt-ropes and ribboning away to leeward and making such an uproar that they might well expect its yard to carry away.

    Chapter 46

  • Anchors and gear were lost, the sails were torn out of the bolt-ropes, timbers were strained; and for six weeks this state of affairs went on to an accompaniment of thunder and lightning which added to the terror and discomfort of the mariners.

    Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery — Complete

  • She shook the rotten sail out of the bolt-ropes with a bang, righted and went sluggishly rolling toward the flare on shore.

    The Skipper and the Skipped Being the Shore Log of Cap'n Aaron Sproul


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