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  • adj. Suitable for bombing; that can be bombed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

bomb +‎ -able


  • They were at the Cedars Hotel, but it was too bombable, so Mohamad got them a room at the Sumer Land.

    Day of Honey

  • The value of that threat is too great-it puts a lot of pressure on a country with bombable infrastructure.

    Think Progress » Rumsfeld on Iran Today = Rumsfeld on Iraq in 2002

  • Bin Laden's fear of religious division, or fitna, is perhaps the main reason why hatred of the Saudi royal family, which has committed the unforgivable sin of allowing U.S. soldiers on Saudi soil since 1990, has not turned into a violent campaign against the house of as-Sa'ud and its very bombable oil wells.

    The Gospel According to Osama Bin Laden

  • But if you do long for a day spent searching for bombable walls and fighting fire-breathing dragons with segmented necks, you'll be right at home in Dotnia.


  • On the floor with the big rolling guy, there's a path filled with bombable rocks.



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