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  • n. Plural form of bomblet.


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  • A global positioning system would improve the rockets 'accuracy to contain bomblets to target areas. - Cluster bombs kill in Iraq, even after shooting ends

  • This definition includes "all explosive ordnance designed to explode at some point in time after dispersal or release from the parent cluster munition, as well as munitions that are sometimes referred to as bomblets (e.g. from air-dropped cluster munitions), grenades (e.g. from ground-launched artillery, rocket or missile systems) and 'improved conventional munitions'." end of a conflict, and are more lethal than antipersonnel mines as they are more likely to cause death than injury when they explode.


  • These metal, seven-inch-long canisters, commonly known as bomblets, were antitank and antipersonnel weapons, and came in efficiently packaged clusters of 202.

    Peace Meals

  • Many of the so-called bomblets they contain do not explode immediately and pose a danger to civilians long after fighting ends.

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  • Intended primarily as anti-personnel weapons, cluster bombs open up in mid-air to release dozens of individual devices, known as bomblets, which scatter across a wide area.


  • Cluster bombs are softball-size and they explode into several hundred "bomblets" that spread 100 yards before they hit the ground, explained Bennis.

    Do We Know What We're Doing in Afghanistan?

  • Cluster weapons are highly controversial because they scatter small "bomblets" over a wide area.

    Obama Says No To Baghdad Stroll With McCain

  • In its defence of their use, MoD officials have argued that they were "direct fire" weapons - in other words a pilot firing them can see the target - and that a single weapon had fewer than 10 "bomblets".

    Obama Says No To Baghdad Stroll With McCain

  • Depending on which version of the Tomahawk has been launched, it will carry either a 1,000-pound high-explosive Bullpup warhead or a cluster of 166 soda-can-size "bomblets" that can be dropped over three targets en route to a fourth.

    The Mind Of A Missile

  • In the last 10 years, the international community succeeded in establishing a global treaty against antipersonnel landmines and a global ban on cluster bombs -- weapons of indiscriminate effect that can leave behind thousands of unexploded "bomblets" that pose a threat to military personnel and civilians alike.

    Frida Berrigan: Too Many Guns


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