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  • n. Plural form of bombsight.


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  • In 1942, he founded Edmund Salvage to purchase government-surplus optics—lenses, prisms and bombsights—and by the end of the war his inventory was taking up rented space in more than 30 garages.

    He Supplied the Gadgets to Scientists of All Ages

  • The Company did make bombsights in WWII and since the market for Norden Bomb sight dried up after the war they took to making fishing reels among other things.

    Here is your test question for today boys and girls.

  • The Republicans have more than health care reform in their bombsights -- they want a loss for Obama so crushing it will bring the administration to its knees and restore GOP control of Congress after next year's elections.

    Dangerous Alliance of Health Industry and Right-Wingers Will Stop at Nothing to Derail Progressive Reforms

  • As he watched his bank accounts and stock-and-bond portfolio seep away, and as the IRS focused its bombsights on his past tax returns, Nick remembered his father talking about life in America during the Great Depression, when the Dolinskis first arrived on a boat they had bribed their way onto in Hamburg.

    Rain Gods

  • Last month he was ground zero in the bombsights of Sen. John McCain, who called him a force of "evil" in the "outer reaches of American politics": a hard-right mirror image of Louis Farrakhan.

    Return Of The 'Reverend'

  • Most lists would include the stirrup (which made it possible to have a disciplined cavalry), the bow (history's first rapid-shooting, long-range fire-and-forget weapon), gunpowder, aircraft with precision bombsights, and, of course, nuclear weapons.

    Tomorrow's New Face Of Battle

  • Even the Americans, who pioneered precision bombing and bombed during daylight with the most accurate bombsights available, still used masses of bombers to drop hundreds of tons of bombs to destroy important targets.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The Sperry Corporation, maker of bombsights and gyroscopic stabilizers, had a patent-sharing agreement with a German company, Askania.

    Human Smoke

  • Their guns froze, their windshields iced over, their propellers stopped spinning, and their Sperry bombsights had no success in putting bombs near targets from high altitudes.

    Human Smoke

  • Iraqi airplanes, including American-made Northrop-Douglas attack bombers with Wright Cyclone engines and semiretractable bombsights, arrived on the scene; they began strafing and bombing the flight school and its polo field.

    Human Smoke


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