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  • n. Plural form of bonebed.


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  • For example, 20 bonebeds have been reported from Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, which contain Centrosaurus and Styracosaurus Visser,1986; Ryan et al., 2001; Eberth and Getty, 2005.

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  • Although Triceratops is the most common dinosaur in the terminal Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation White et al., 1998, known from over 50 singleton specimens collected since the late nineteenth century, no bonebeds or associations of multiple individuals have previously been reported.

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  • Some of these bonebeds contain the remains of hundreds to possibly thousands of individuals and represent catastrophic mass death assemblages that strongly indicate herding behavior Eberth, 1996.

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  • They are often found in bonebeds, which are accumulations of vertebrate fossils from more than one individual that are concentrated along a bedding plane or throughout a single bed Eberth and Getty, 2005.

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  • So I had several short frilled Ceratopsians to choose from, including the two best known from mass bonebeds related to floods.

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  • Often spectacularly preserved, bonebeds—both modern and ancient—can reveal more about life histories, ecological associations, and preservation patterns than any single skeleton or bone.

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  • For this reason, bonebeds are frequently studied by paleobiologists, geologists, and archeologists seeking to piece together the vertebrate record.

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  • Synopsis: The vertebrate fossil record extends back more than 500 million years, and bonebeds—localized concentrations of the skeletal remains of vertebrate animals—help unlock the secrets of this long history.

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  • Platybelodon bonebeds Granger and his colleagues worked yielded about twenty six individual animals of different ages, including a specimen Osborn regarded as a fossilized fetus.

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  • The "mega-bonebed," which consists of 14 smaller bonebeds, lies in

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