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  • n. Rule by the ignorant and uneducated.


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boob + -o- +‎ -cracy; apparently coined in imitation of booboisie


  • I'm a screamer too, to the extent that after a particularly vitriolic attack on the "boobocracy" my friends often crack "But tell us what you REALLY think".

    Farm Fetish

  • This sounds like hard-shell boobocracy even to those of us who think "survival of the fittest" has a faintly tautological whiff.

    Two Cheers for Hypocrisy

  • From Sullivan & Co.'s perspective, Bush's public courting of the red state Babbits and the fundamentalist boobocracy suggests a want of taste.

    Let's take a closer look at Ron Paul.

  • I usually chaulk stuff like this up to a phenomenon known as the LCD…the Lowest Common Denominator…or the boobocracy, as it was known in the mid 20th century, the great unwashed mindless masses, the consumers…you get the idea.

    Little Miss Hooters Contest

  • Against all odds, the Great Books joined the roster of postwar fads like drive-ins, hula hoops, and Mexican jumping beans … The Great Books initially scratched a cultural itch, but before long became synonymous with boosterism, Babbittry, and H.L. Mencken’s benighted boobocracy.

    2009 February 19 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS


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