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  • n. Plural form of boofhead.


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  • It's all these young right-wing boofheads in her office, one minister said. | Top Stories

  • For the league boofheads who can't help themselves, league = play the ball run forward 10m and get tackled sometimes smashed, get up and play the ball, 5 more tackles then kick. | Top Stories

  • "Someone should tell boofheads like that to pull their head in," he said. | Top Stories

  • Firstly thank you Mr Tinkler for your support to date of the Jets - my thoughts are increase the soccer support and along with it buy some equitable coverage on commercial media that will drive attendances through the roof and awaken Joe public who has been receiving nothing but negative, minimal and at times no support from boofheads who control commercial sport media. | Top Stories

  • Mr Gibson said Australia looks like a nation "inhabited by ignorant boofheads" after the chorus was sung in St Peter's Square at the Vatican "by a bunch of Mary MacKillop yobs". | Top Stories

  • Just think realistic, it got to be happen that way if boofheads act on their own in cyclonic weather conditions out the sea ...! The Northern Star

  • I think they should persue Cullen and the trasury boofheads that went along with the cover up.

    National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand

  • I thought we only had had boofheads in NSW trying to run the state but it is obvious they are also in Canberra. | Top Stories

  • Sporting superstars they may be, but what a pair of nuptial boofheads.


  • While parliaments can be composed of a bunch of boofheads ... at least we can vote the bastards out.

    The Daily Reckoning Australia


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