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  • n. Plural form of boojum.


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  • There are fields of huge, sculpted white granite boulders or black lava cliffs that shelter botanical apparitions such as boojums (Fouquieria columnaris), twisted and swollen Baja elephant trees (Pachycormus discolor), sixty-foot (18 m) tall cardones, strangler figs (Ficus petiolaris ssp. palmeri) that grow on rocks, and blue palm trees (Brahea armata).

    Subdivisions of the Sonoran Desert

  • Are the widdle boojums all scared of the big bad lobbyists?

    Think Progress » Republicans Consistently Turn To Lobbyists For Strategies To Block And Kill Legislation

  • My words will be imaginotions, penandinkumpoops, whimpusles, mere boojums rather than classic snarks, for I shall not construct “Portmanteau” words, like Lewis Carroll.

    Gelett Burgess and the blurb

  • Water is further conserved by reduced surface areas; most succulents have few leaves (agaves), no leaves (most cacti), or leaves that are deciduous in dry seasons (elephant tree [Bursera spp.], boojums [Fouquieria columnaris]).

    Adaptations of desert plants

  • Might the wabbet be interested in a pdf of 'some are boojums'?

    Rabett Run

  • The thought was, if you ever actually did render ganking as meaningless as its victims call it, the gankers would fade away, snarks and boojums all.

    Word of the Day: Ganking

  • Instant gratification - no hidden boojums, all monsters spelled out and all magic visible.

    Even in a little thing

  • Just wondering, since in my best fantasies of eventual publishment my daydreams become nightmares of taxes, insurance, and the evil IRS boojums.

    Archive 2006-01-29

  • For all I really could tell he was trying to say something about snarks and boojums literally, since he talks at great length about snarks and boojums when dealing with mitochondria; I understood that stuff, probably better than he did himself, but what it really was supposed to say about mitochondrial DNA, I don't rightly know.

    Archive 2005-03-01

  • "We'd like to propose that the sub-elementary particles be designated 'snarks' and 'boojums,'" March had said.



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