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  • n. Knowledge gained from books.

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  • n. Alternative term for book-learning
  • n. Factual information concerning books, for example regarding such matters as authors and the history of publication and printing.


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From Middle English boclore, from Old English bōclār ("booklore, learning"), equivalent to book +‎ lore.


  • Sort of defeats the purpose, but since I had to register I thought I'd have something. booklore, if you're really curious.

    Making Light: Making Light on Twitter

  • He used the Golden Legend, Huon de Meri's allegorical poem of the fight between Jesus and the Antichrist, Peter Comestor's Bible History, Rustebeuf's La Voie de Paradis, Grosseteste's religious allegory of Le Chastel d 'Amour, the paraded learning of Vincent of Beauvais in Speculum Historiale, and other works -- numerous and small signs of booklore, which are completely overshadowed by his illuminating comprehension of the popular side in the politics of his day.

    Old English Libraries; The Making, Collection and Use of Books During the Middle Ages

  • More than once he saw Madge's quick wit twinkle through her booklore.

    A Dozen Ways Of Love

  • They must be learnt I know, but a noble needs booklore too, 'said the boy.

    The Herd Boy and His Hermit

  • Canada can boast of many good and even distinguished authors, and the love of books and booklore is daily increasing.

    Roughing It in the Bush

  • Happily, too, she has not been reared in the stereotyped boarding-school shallowness of knowledge and vulgarities of gentility; but educated, like myself, by the free influences of Nature, longing for no halls and palaces save those that we build as we list, in fairyland; educated to comprehend and share the fancies which are more than booklore to the worshipper of art and song.

    Kenelm Chillingly — Volume 08

  • a true appreciation of the booklore of our ancestors, a keen eye and the love of fair play of the true sportsman.

    Reno — a Book of Short Stories and Information


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