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  • n. In logging, any of the larger logs chained together to create a floating boom.
  • n. a shotgun, especially a sawn-off version.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From boom (“a log; explosion sound”) +‎ stick.


  • We've got Drew Wallis on the crash cymbals; we've got Brian Wolf on the keyboards-mostly the black keys-and the boomstick, which is an invention of a friend; Wally Phillips on trombone; Andrew McDougal on MicroKorg, making some weird sounds; James Pittman on banjo and good looks; Reed Faitak on bass guitar; me, Neil Lord, on guitar, glockenspiel and saxophone; and Martin Bemberg here, who is the Memphis Pencil, songwriter extraordinaire.


  • He of "boomstick" duties with the Bluebells then Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • A big whitetail with a few seasons under his belt knows those smelly, loud boomstick things aren't around at night, so he's free to whip smaller bucks and breed with impunity.

    Survival of the Weakest?

  • Accessories include a shotgun (boomstick to all you primative screwheads), alternate “stretch” head, and “grave” display base.

    Cult Classics Series 5 Medieval Ash Action Figure |

  • S-Mart Ash comes equipped with S-Mart smock, holster harness and boomstick, and S-Mart blue light special rolling assault cart.

    Army of Darkness – Ash S-Mart 7″ Figure |

  • Ang iyong kakayahan na ituro ang iyong boomstick sa broadside ng aking bahay at ang mga pull-trigger ay nagpapakita na alam mo kung paano point at alam mo kung ano ang bahay ay. »2,008» Disyembre

  • This had better find its way down under, or I'll be getting out my boomstick.

    I'm So There

  • It's very boomstick, I think. except the zoom needs to be faster, but this is as fast as I could get on Imageready.

    20th April '06

  • At one point in the film, he brandishes his shotgun and warns them it is his “boomstick.” » 2005 » July

  • Tại một điểm trong phim, ông brandishes shotgun của mình và cảnh báo chúng nó là "ông boomstick." »2005» tháng bảy


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