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  • n. A person who takes particular pride in their car and enjoys showing it off.
  • n. A bogan.
  • n. A trophy size big game animal, as measured by the Boone and Crockett ranking criteria.


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Suggestions are:

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From the Boone and Crockett Club.


  • Youse are obviously from the boondocks, and it's "booner" in full. the human waste may enjoy your anthropological excursion even less than you will

  • I look forward to seeing your booner picture! oh and remeber ... deer are brown, four legs, long floppy ears, and hopefully with bone on the head! this is an insider joke by the way!

    Hey I'm going hunting tomorrow (last day!!)

  • I'm counting on the cut beans and STILL standing corn to draw out a booner for late bow season here in MI!!!!

    Bestul: Winding Down the Rut

  • I sit up straight, heart beating ninety miles an hour, images running through my mind of how that big booner will look in my crosshairs!

    New Weekly Contest: Best Hunting Story Wins a Leatherman

  • I'll bet next you will want to keep shooting ever bigger deer until you get a booner.

    Field & Stream

  • In Michigan we ahve a commenrative buck/people who will score our buck ... even though it may not be a booner it is pretty cool to know the score!

    Can anyone give me a rough idea as to how my buck in the picture here would score?

  • I mean it was only a week or so ago and there was a message about killing feral cats, I hate to see/think what a perosn would do if they seen ol Roy chasing a booner of of their property?? not too mention there is already enough predation ...

    Deer eating your garden? Let's get creative.

  • We knew you would fall back on the poor me, I'm the victim routine …. .did you learn that from booner the crybaby?

    Think Progress

  • isnt a tornado similar to the air flow pattern in your nose when doing a long line of coke and possibly getting a booner from it and believing you have superpowers

    What's In A Name: The Key to Victory


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