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  • adj. Promotional; acting as or like a booster for a particular community or group


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booster +‎ -ish


  • So I think a lot of histories, a lot of schools or fields of history begin with a kind of boosterish phase.


  • To help make the case that Newark was the ideal locale for the 13th Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival, which begins Thursday and concludes Sunday, self-proclaimed poetry lover Lawrence P. Goldman put together an unabashedly boosterish proposal for the foundation's board of trustees.

    Poetry Fest Lures The World's Best

  • Others are less boosterish, including Juan De Lara, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California who's studied the logistics industry in the region.

    The New Blue Collar: Temporary Work, Lasting Poverty And The American Warehouse

  • Of course, America's small-town papers aren't all crusaders; on the contrary, many are little more than boosterish advertising vehicles whose motto might be lifted from Harold Starr, the editor of the Herald-Star in Garrison Keillor's fictional Lake Wobegon.

    The Reporter Next Door

  • Everywhere the author turns his gaze — from bumper stickers that boast about "my kid the honor-roll student" to boosterish "employee of the month" awards — Mr. Best sees a proliferation of prizes that seems to arise from a desperate desire to exclude fewer and fewer people from the winner's podium.

    Why We're All Above Average

  • But Brinkley also says that Luce's most crucial influence - during what Luce himself memorably called The American Century - was his magazines 'boosterish promotion of an upbeat, abundant American way of life.

    A Publishing Titan's 'Life' And 'Time'

  • They take a boosterish, let's go get 'em approach to rallying their new staffs, which falls flat, he says, because technical people aren't motivated that way.

    10 Communication Mistakes CIOs Still Make

  • It was a civic-boosterish, quaint and warm affair.

    Spoleto Festival U.S.A.: Italians Looking to Welcome a Prodigal Offspring - ArtsBeat Blog -

  • "There was a proto-blogosphere that stopped being boosterish in the popular press and that led to the professionalization of exploration."

    Arsenic microbe answers a long way off

  • At the risk of sounding boosterish, it so happens that a great many of America’ s unsung domestic prisons also routinely abuse inmates, Guantá namo-style, are unable or unwilling to prevent inmate rape, employ long-term, sustained solitary confinement which gives waterboarding a run for its money, and in actual practice are often beyond the rule of law.

    Chase Madar: Guantánamo, Exception or Rule? All-American Justice for a Child Soldier at Obama's Gitmo


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