from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The upper part of the leg of a boot.
  • n. In boots of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the large flaring upper part of the boot-leg, capable of being turned over.
  • n. Hence— A lace ruffle worn around the leg, and covering the inside of the leather boot-top.
  • n. In some modern boots, a reverse of light-colored leather, as if a part of the lining, turned over the top of the boot-leg. See top-boot.


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  • His costume, bejeweled white from shoulder to white patent-leather boot-top, evoked Elvis.

    Dancing with Werewolves

  • I might even have done so — I was on the very brink of snatching the gun from my pocket or bending for the knife in my boot-top — when something touched my arm.

    Locked Rooms

  • He nears Second Harbor Way West, trying not to limp or to disclose the sabre tucked into his boot-top.

    The Magi'i Of Cyador

  • I slid them on, did up the bootlaces, and returned the slim throwing knife that had been lodged awkwardly in my belt to its customary boot-top sheath.

    O Jerusalem

  • Then a Turanian captain walked in, wearing silk from headdress to boot-top and a jeweled dagger in his sash.

    Conan and The Mists of Door

  • As I shivered in the saddle, I recalled fondly the heat of the day when I travelled to Nylan, at least in comparison to the chill that had already numbed my legs from boot-top to thigh.

    The Magic of Recluce

  • Chane felt an extended claw graze his boot-top and skipped away from it, then ducked as a cat on the other side tried to knock off his head.

    The Gates of Thorbardin

  • His hand daroed into his boot-top for his other pistol.

    A different flesh

  • He pulled a cigar from his boot-top, struck a light with his flint and steel, and jerked his head at the valley.

    Sharpe's Honour

  • Slushy water lay boot-top deep along the curbs where the children had to cross with the safety patrols, and twice Cassie, like many of the smaller ones, had “gone under.”

    The Dollmaker


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