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  • n. Plural form of bootlicker.


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  • The only good consequence of Waco is the undying hatred and contempt it bred among so many ordinary Americans for overweening government, for the cause of gun control, and also for the kind of bootlickers and grifters who love big government and see it as the source of all good things.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Waco

  • They want to make all public school teachers "at-will employees," then be able to hire and fire and promote at will the most accomplished bootlickers and test-score promoters.

    Olympia Wrap Up, Pt. 1 « PubliCola

  • So yes, all the world should know that the Makhzen bootlickers could not stand the idea of the Moroccan population knowing that an international poll found “only” 91% approval relative to M6's first decade.

    Global Voices in English » Morocco: Bloggers React to the Banning of Magazines

  • Obama and his boy bootlickers chose to sell out the American middle class for campaign cash.

    Matthew Yglesias » Stupak’s Strange Views on Human Life

  • Now I feel like a sucker and those bootlickers like you that still want to “make Obama do it”, or whatever, are even more pathetic.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bunning Blockade Endgame

  • I cannot believe there exist government bootlickers who would excuse the use of CS gas on innocent babies under any circumstances whatsoever.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Waco

  • I would just like to let Mr. Griffith know that there are folks out here who applaude his efforts and who are willing to fill the vacancies left by the Libtards who want to be bootlickers for Prez ObeyMe, Nutcy Pelosi and Hairless Reid ....

    Parker Griffith's staff resigns

  • Here's the publishing industry's chance to regain some dignity and credibility by refusing to give a platform to one of the administration's most ardent bootlickers, a man who helped justify torture, undermined the Geneva Conventions, defended spying on American citizens, fired U.S. attorneys who wouldn't toe the Bush line, presided over a thorough politicizing of the Justice Department, and repeatedly lied under oath to Congress.

    Andrew Foster Altschul: A Challenge to Publishers: Say No to Gonzo

  • Obvious perhaps to some of the bootlickers in the DC press corps.

    Washington Headline of the Year! « Blog

  • I'd go further, and accuse the Administration and its partisan toadys and the bootlickers in the media of doing so deliberately to further their aims and concentrate their power.

    More Reactions to Allergy Reaction Reactions


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