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  • n. Plural form of borderland.


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  • As seams they may be thick or thin -- borderlands of crosshatching or palimpsesting inhabitable in their own right or thresholds crossed with a step; they may be sealed tightly with crossings only possible through a portal or a rift, or they may be stitched loosely with crossings possible at any point along the long threshold.

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams

  • The writer Alan Weisman, author of "La Frontera", called the borderlands "the most dramatic intersection of first and third world realities anywhere on the globe."

    About this Project

  • Historically, the region has always been known as the borderlands, a sort of no man's land of some 65 million people stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea, people whose identities have been confused and sometimes willfully distorted by the ebb and flow of competing empires.

    Trouble Next Door

  • Strikingly large-scale as that may be, all of that doesn't even include the "covert war", fought mainly via unmanned aerial vehicles, along the Pakistani tribal borderlands, which is clearly going to intensify.

    Asia Times Online

  • The jumpcar had carried them successfully away from the battle plain of Marsay, and they had made camp near the outer edges of the Mandraque "borderlands," so called since the lands of all five clans were accessible from that particular point: a five-minute walk in any direction.

    Darkness of the Light

  • Somehow, writing extremely plot-driven fiction seems to have pushed me over into the borderlands of genre -- in most bookstores my book's shelved with literary fiction, but at least one genre bookstore carries it (Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego) and it was reviewed in Mystery Scene.

    Author-Friends, Meet Emily St. John Mandel

  • To investigate my hypothesis, I examine the Anglo-Scottish borderlands in the 16th century.

    Crime and Law

  • To build the world's biggest dam here and expect it to light the entire continent is like building the world's biggest nuclear plant in the land of the Taliban -- or the world's biggest medical marijuana farm in Mexico's borderlands.

    Lori Pottinger: Grand Illusions for African Energy in Davos

  • Tom Nickles has also been lured into the borderlands of desert varnish, and he is now conducting the experiment he believes will finally determine whether living bacteria or nonliving chemicals are responsible for the coverings.

    First Contact

  • That's the music with the wild accordion, the metronomic 2/4 bass beat, and a wonderful corniness that only hick cultures i.e., Mexicans, Czechs and Poles can truly love--mostly because the music was introduced to the borderlands between northern Mexico and Texas in the mid-1800s.

    Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN!: Is that Polka or 'Conjunto Norteño'?


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