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  • n. The optical axis of a directional antenna.


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bore +‎ sight


  • So I accepted the rifle, filled out the ATF form, had the gunshop mount and boresight a Leupold Mark II compact 3x9 scope (very lightweight, but good optics quality), affixed a sling to the rifle, and took the 8lb, 1 oz. fully-equipped rifle home.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • So on the way home I thought about his book and realized that the gentleman had tried to boresight my rifle at 26 yds and with the obj.,, lense set at 1000yd the crosshairs will move.

    What We Can Learn From Lefty

  • While down to the LGS everyone was getting their deer rifles boresighted, so like a dummy i reached over and told the gent. to boresight mine.

    What We Can Learn From Lefty

  • It's all fun and games until someone forgets to pull out the boresight.

    Field & Stream

  • No need to have a collimater or pay someone to adjust your scope when you can boresight it yourself.

    Bases and Rings, and Other Bad Things

  • I use my lead sled because i want to accurately boresight and sight my own guns.

    The Lead Sled--America's Shame?

  • These preparations include assisting tank and BFV crews by establishing or coordinating boresight lines, plumb and sinc berms (for M1A2 units), and/or use of live-fire screening ranges and zero ranges.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 1 Introduction

  • I tried to get a rough boresight by yanking the bolt carrier group and squinting through the barrel at the target while fiddling the adjustment screws, but gave it up for a bad idea.

    View From The Porch

  • Between logging boresight data, referencing range maps, and plotting positions, my gunner's station became cluttered with paperwork.

    Kit Up

  • Its imaging IR seeker is designed to have very high angles of view - some 90° off boresight.

    Engineering News | Home


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