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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Any apparatus employing boring-tools, such as the bit, auger, or drill.
  • n. This term includes a great variety of wood-boring machines used in the building of cars and wagons, in making furniture and agricultural machinery, etc. They are named from the work they do, or from the number and arrangement of the augers. They are often combined with other machines. Many are automatic in action and adjustable for spacing the distances between the holes or for boring holes at different angles, and they range in size from a single-auger bench-machine up to very large multiple borers having ten or more angers making holes at different angles and of different sizes.


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  • He soon returned with this most extraordinary boring-machine, the mode of using which the Gusti then explained to me.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • John and I have taken our workbench and tools over there, and Bob has helped us rig up a nice little five-horse power motor and small handsaw, also a circular saw, home-made sand-drum, a small planer, and a boring-machine.

    Around the World in Ten Days

  • Pursue, like the deaf and blind star-fish which vegetates in the bed of the ocean, thy obscure task of life; persevere; mend for the millionth time the broken meshes of the net; repair the boring-machine which sinks to the last limits of the attainable the well from which living water will spring up.

    Recollections of My Youth

  • With that he picked up a try-square and pencil and began laying out some work for Paul to cut on the circular saw, while John busied himself at the boring-machine in putting a hole through the center of the big twelve-foot balsa-wood propeller which a little later would be reinforced with a thin jacket of a new metal called "salinamum," which was made chiefly from salt but whose fused components made it as light as aluminum and stronger than tool steel.

    Around the World in Ten Days


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