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  • n. A shop that sells herbs, charms, and other religious or spiritual items, especially those associated with Santeria.

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  • n. A shop that deals in herbs and charms used especially by followers of Santeria.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish botánica, from Greek botanikē, feminine of botanikos, herbal; see botanical.


  • And his least favorite possibility: 3. Every single word Gabrielle had told him in the botanica courtyard had been the absolute truth.

    Black Dust Mambo

  • Pilsen has its charms and all (I have an excellent curandera whose botanica is on Cermak Road), but I've never lived there, gone to school there or spent much time there, like the overwhelming majority of the approximately 800,000 Chicago Latinos who call the city limits home, or the other million or so Chicago metro region Hispanics!

    Esther J. Cepeda: Dispelling the Hispanic Chicago Pilsen Myth: We're - GASP! - Everywhere

  • Ann Nathan has a group show of nature, flora and botanica in the works of Amy Lowry, Deborah Ebbers and Christina Haglid.

    Paul Klein: Summer Art

  • So far, I've seen two botanica voodoo shops in Alexandria and Arlington.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • What if the Dart actually landed closer to the bland dry cleaners store on the corner than the musty botanica half a block away that sold folk medicine, amulets, and tall candles enclosed in scarlet glass?

    Camp Wonder

  • "" The competition is getting heavy, '' says Alfredito, who runs a botanica in Union City, N.J. A dozen Web sites spread the word worldwide.

    Cuba's Real Religion

  • FIRST published in Italy as La botanica parallela, this illustrated "non-fact" work is presented as popular science.

    parallel botany

  • In urban centers in the United States with large Hispanic communities, the neighborhood botanica or herb shop often does a brisker business than the local pharmacy.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • Yes, I agree, there is nothing more unsettling than a Santeria botanica.

    Voodoo practitioners for Obama

  • Each character's story is told through one chapter of the novel, so the chapters can be read separately like short stories, but they are linked together by the fact that the characters are all customers of one Perla Portillo, the owner of the town's botanica shop, who sells them charms, herbs, love potions, and religious totems, and who listens to their stories of love and loss.

    Perfume Review: CB I Hate Perfume In The Library and Demeter a small prize draw and a short poll


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