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  • adv. In a bottomless manner.


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bottomless +‎ -ly


  • And so there is a part of us that cannot help but love it, hopelessly, bottomlessly.

    Erica Heller: The Catch-22 of Book Readings, The Taste of Mackerel

  • Despite having been made by the same director and featuring many of the same actors, it is bottomlessly, unfathomably awful.

    Picketts charges

  • I know the Independent meant well, but it failed to give its readers even a hint of the true strangeness, the bottomlessly stupid nature of the Montana News Association.

    N is for News

  • The silence of the night pictures itself before him in the form of an endless expanse of perfectly calm, dark water, which has overflowed everything and congealed; there is not a ripple on it, not a shadow of a motion, and neither is there anything within it, although it is bottomlessly deep.

    The Man Who Was Afraid

  • They were bottomlessly deep -- shadow-veiled depths wherein his gaze sank endlessly through red eons of time without thought.


  • Listening to these draggings and concussions, I thought me of the haunt from which they came; an isle full of metallic ravines and gulches, sunk bottomlessly into the hearts of splintered mountains, and covered for many miles with inextricable thickets.

    The Piazza Tales

  • So here's a secret, bottomlessly wise but easily butthurt rocker dude: before the Lottery League was invented, there was no roadmap for how to do this.

    Cleveland Scene

  • If it was the second, bottomlessly wise but easily butthurt rocker dude, you wouldn't be complaining.

    Cleveland Scene

  • You know that if you want to continue eating meat, you should avoid reading about or watching anything that details factory farming, because it is so bottomlessly evil.

    A Striped Armchair

  • The Vatican is bottomlessly rich, and far far from observing the Christian teachings of simplicity and poverty (consider the lilies of the fields).

    London SE1 community website


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