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  • n. anaerobic bacterium producing botulin the toxin that causes botulism


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  • If demolition doesn't start on Mordon by midnight he's going to break a botulinus toxin ampoule in the heart of London, at four o'clock this morning, within a quarter of a mile of New Oxford Street. "

    The Satan Bug

  • "flat-sour" is not harmful and must not be confused with "botulinus," which is harmful.

    Every Step in Canning

  • At this point we have discussed the pre-Industrial Revolution developments in toxicology, that were primarily devoted to the study of such naturally-occurring toxicants as the polyaromatic compounds contained in soot and heavy metals, and such toxins as botulinum toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridum botulinus.

    History of toxicology

  • Bioweapons factories: Secretary Powell said, "We have firsthand descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and on rails," which could make enough anthrax or botulinus toxin "in a single month to kill thousands upon thousands of people."

    Marty Kaplan: R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Colin Powell

  • Botox: When you hear that the popular botox treatment involves having the deadly botulinus toxin injected into your face, you have to wonder just how far you'll let your vanity take you.

    Can Your Skin Be Saved?

  • The senior guard who spoke to you — if he had been affected, the botulinus would have got him as soon as he'd taken off his mask to speak to you.

    The Satan Bug

  • Then, all at once, I cursed savagely, perhaps at myself, or my cowardice, or at Gregori or at the botulinus virus, I don't know, turned abruptly and headed for the byre, taking the lamp with me, leaving the others standing there round the dead man in the rain-filled pitchy darkness like darkly-petrified mourners at some age-old heathen midnight rites.

    The Satan Bug

  • Incidentally, I have taken the precaution of providing concentrated cyanide tablets for Henriques and myself: death from the Satan Bug, as we have observed from experiments on animals, is rather more prolonged than death from botulinus and most distressing.

    The Satan Bug

  • This insistence on knocking down Mordon, this demonstration of the botulinus toxin in East Anglia, this pretence that you were unaware that three of the vials you had stolen were of the Satan Bug strain, this apparent ignorance of the effects of the Satan Bug — you had us all convinced that we were dealing with a madman.

    The Satan Bug

  • I had a steel flask of botulinus toxin, strength one — it was so labelled, introduced into a cupboard in number one lab annexe.

    The Satan Bug


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