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  • n. The typical genus of the family Bougainvillidæ. Same as Hippocrene, 2 .


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  • After arranging the pansies, bougainvillia, or a variety of petals, preparations are made for the trip to the market, where crowds are gathered around the fish stalls, looking, sniffing, poking, probing, and finally making a choice for the day's comida.

    Mexican Seafood: Pescados y Mariscos

  • The bougainvillia bush also slowed my fall while its thorns dug deep scratches into my hide.

    Walking, gawking, talking

  • We walked along the award winning arbour, covered in bougainvillia, but recently savagely trimmed.

    The Dogpossum Tour

  • On subsequent visits, none of this changes - the visitor in agreeably surprised to discover that the bougainvillia still hugs the walls, that the town is at least as clean as the time before, a pleasant sensation in a country where litter and garbage seem to have invaded anywhere and everywhere.

    Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, a delightful spa town

  • Colourful purple bougainvillia tumbles down well-kept walls, merely hinting at the beautiful gardens behind.

    Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, a delightful spa town

  • Over a hut of rusty oil-cans, bougainvillia stretches its glowing branches, sometimes cerise, sometimes purple, or allamanders fill the air with a golden haze from their glowing search-lights, either hiding the huts altogether, or softening their details into picturesque ruins.

    Edge of the Jungle

  • Hamil disappeared in the direction of the garden where Shiela now stood under the bougainvillia, leisurely biting into a sapodilla.

    The Firing Line

  • Presently, as though moved by a common impulse, they turned together, slowly traversed the terrace and the long pergola all crimson and white with bougainvillia and jasmine, and entered the jungle road beyond the courts where carved seats of coquina glimmered at intervals along the avenue of oaks and palmettos and where stone-edged pools reflected the golden green dusk of the semi-tropical foliage above.

    The Firing Line

  • Of course they couldn't see me, through the wooden lattice and the bougainvillia, but I had a good look at them.

    It Happened in Egypt

  • These buzzed in her head, like persistent flies, as she and Biddy followed their silent, white-robed and turbaned conductor along a narrow pink path, toward a modern villa almost shrouded with bougainvillia.

    It Happened in Egypt


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