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  • n. A device for heating and moistening the compressed air on a compressed-air locomotive by passing it through a tank of hot water on its way from the storage-reservoir to the motor-cylinder.


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  • Old men of the world might say to him, as card-players would say to the man who declines to take advantage of his trumps, ‘Monsieur, you ought not to play at bouillotte.’

    Eve and David

  • Suppose that you sit down to a game of bouillotte, do you begin to argue over the rules of the game?

    Eve and David

  • I send my kindest regards to your father; and think you had best see as little as possible of your bouillotte-playing French friend and his friends.

    The Newcomes

  • All the great deals are arranged at the club, around the bouillotte table, and a man must go there or suffer the penalty of seeing his business fall off.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • "Is it necessary to make a fuss about a few games at bouillotte?"

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • It was not very wrong to go there, and if the Prince did go and smoke a few cigars and have a game at bouillotte, it was not a very great crime.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • These gentlemen, among them all, almost without taking off their white kid gloves, would win or lose between forty and fifty thousand francs at bouillotte, just to give them an appetite before going to the club to finish the night at baccarat.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • Indeed, at the end of a few moments, at the request of Madame F----, the players deserted the bouillotte, and placed themselves in a circle around her.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon

  • They were playing bouillotte; gold covered the tables, and the game and punch absorbed the attention of the happy inmates to such a degree, that none of them took note of the persons who had just entered.

    Recollections of the private life of Napoleon

  • And finally the club, the old club itself, abjuring bouillotte and bézique, is now transformed into a "Club Alpin" under the patronage of the famous Alpine Club of London, which has borne even to India the fame of its climbers.

    Tartarin On The Alps


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