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  • adv. In a bounded manner


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  • But if pretty much everybody is somewhat irrational, or more precisely boundedly rational, then what we may see at best is some reasonable degree of bounded rationality.

    A Verdict on Mindless Economics, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The authors go through a lot of possible ways of calculating the number of universes in eternal inflation, but all along from the perspective of an observer having access to worldlines that are boundedly related by an initial condition.

    If We Live in a Multiverse, How Many Are There? | Universe Today

  • People, business firms, and public institutions are boundedly rational rather than completely rational, they operate under internal and external rules and procedures that necessarily result in less-than-perfect outcomes, and they respond to incentives that, while pushing them in the direction of improved economic performance, nevertheless do not guarantee optimality.

    Market failure

  • Perfectly rational actors converge instantly, and boundedly rational actors will converge quickly.

    The Speculist: June 2006 Archives

  • First, Robin Hanson has shown that even boundedly rational approximators to Bayesian information gatherers will not have sytematic disagreements.

    The Speculist: June 2006 Archives

  • The structure of boundedly rational economic behavior cannot be invented in the armchair, it must be explored experimentally.

    Reinhard Selten - Autobiography

  • I tried to construct a theory of boundedly rational multigoal decision making.

    Reinhard Selten - Autobiography

  • And so, really, though boundedly, we have the knowledge of God, and can rely upon it as valid, though partial; and similarly, by experience we have such a certified acquaintance with Him and His power as needs no enlargement to be trusted, and to become the source of blessings untold.

    Expositions of Holy Scripture Ephesians; Epistles of St. Peter and St. John

  •  The differentiation approach assumes that individuals are boundedly-rational and part of coalitions or subgroups.  the fragmentation approach corresponds to a garbage-can model of decision-making and a complex organizational design.

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  • (boundedly) rational agents and emerge in the process of repeated interactions.

    Game Theory and Ethics


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