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  • n. The condition of being bovine


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  • They are the action-oriented solution for bovinity!

    Backing up at Wal-Mart

  • I did a long contribution about the bovinity of the English.

    No Blacks Allowed.....(?)

  • Cameron has a tough job, he has to dislodge bovinity without being threatening.

    Living in a Playground

  • With tedious bovinity you have munched your way through a platitudinous mantra .

    Lefties at War

  • Finally giving up on the humanoids, who slipped back into bovinity whenever unattended, WOTAN turned again to Homo Connectus.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • His continuance was an accident and an attendant bovinity.

    I Am Legend

  • "There was no mention of this murderous Arab wolf at the UN, but when a gentle, democratic, civilized Israeli wolf tries to defend itself from dangerous feral Palestinian livestock who voted for Hamas, an organization commited Israel's destruction, much of the world rushes to condemn Israel for committing war crimes and even crimes against bovinity."

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • Two competing research teams have cataloged the "essence of bovinity" found in the DNA of cattle, but not without disagreement on some essential points.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • The findings provide "tantalizing clues to explain 'the essence of bovinity,'" according to an essay in the journal Science, which is publishing several articles on the work. : The Latest Updates

  • yet splatrick did verily go into the fields and make his cud and he did chew. for his was the way of bovinity.

    Dumbass quote of the day -- Twatrick Ross edition.


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