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  • Rickets - Lack of vitamin D or calcium resulting in bow-legs

    No, Consumption is not actually alcohol-poisoning...

  • He had a large, almost lipless, mouth, extraordinary lank arms, long thin feet, and bow-legs, and stood with his heavy face thrust forward staring at us.

    The Island of Doctor Moreau

  • Before Osiris could reach the edge of the stage, Seth came bounding after him oik those thick bow-legs.

    River God

  • And he hopped down the stone stairs on those powerful bow-legs and placed the relic at Pharaoh's feet.

    River God

  • Around his massive belly, a triple length of gorgeous silk was wrapped to form a sash, and thrust into the glittering stuff were a brace of gemmed dirks and an iron-bound cudgel that could brain an ox, A heavy cutlass hung from a gold-worked baldric across his deep chest, and boots of fine Kordavan leather clad his fat bow-legs.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • 'Twas too much fer human natur 'to stan', an 'so away goes Garnett down th' street as fast as his bow-legs can git him over th 'beach, wid his sheets slacked off a-runnin' free, an 'likewise, b' th 'same tokin, away squares th' old leddy wid her skysails set an 'everythin' drawin '

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • The bones of children are soft, lacking mineral matter, and are liable to become bent For this reason, children who are encouraged to walk at too early an age may bend the thigh bones, causing the too familiar "bow-legs."

    Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools

  • The child who creeps is often later in his attempts to walk than the child who does not; and, therefore, when he is ready to walk, his legs will be all the stronger, and the danger of bow-legs will be past.

    Study of Child Life

  • Master Sunshine's back, and another cried, "Look at his bow-legs."

    Master Sunshine

  • Similarly, perhaps, Newman thought the appearance of bow-legs would increase the villainy of his pirate.

    The Jewel City


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