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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bowdlerise.


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  • If I may be permitted a rather lengthy digression, "bowdlerised" derives its name from Thomas Bowdler, who in 1818 published an expurgated edition of Shakespeare.

    The Days Before Yesterday

  • Plumptre, James, Revd (1770 – 1832): Vicar of Great Gransden in Huntingdonshire, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, an evangelical clergyman who produced bowdlerised versions of popular songs, a comic opera about Lake District tourists (The Lakers), and critiques of Shakespeare.

    Index of People

  • Thus we can access the poem as Bloomfield wanted it to be read, as well as see it in the bowdlerised form in which it has long been known.

    Introduction: Tim Fulford

  • Actually only the latter bowdlerised view of history will do as the Liberal Left is a good deal more anti-Semitic than Richard ever was.

    It Was The Turks Wot Won It!

  • I have to say, Antichrist is one of my most eagerly anticipated films in a very long time and to see it or, for that matter, any other film bowdlerised for commerical purposes would have left me quite disgusted.

    Comparing the BBFC and the MPAA, and How Antichrist Illustrates The Differences | /Film

  • Living Waters squander resources printing their bowdlerised version of Origin and giving it away on campus.

    Comfort's Tract Meet - The Panda's Thumb

  • It is essentially a film about a very deranged man who kills people and then feeds them to other people in pies, and that's not dodged or bowdlerised at any point.

    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

  • He thought passports could be bowdlerised of narrow-minded entries, but backed down when his party balked.

    Pakistan Turmoil: Where Does The Fault Belong?

  • I have honestly never been in a place where ordinary words are bowdlerised and butchered as much as this.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • I was about eight or nine when I watched what must have been a bowdlerised cartoon adaptation of Animal Farm on television.

    Four legs good, two legs bad


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