from The Century Dictionary.

  • Furnished with bowers, recesses, or alcoves.


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  • There was no sign of the house until they came abruptly upon it, bowered among the trees.


  • He glanced around -- at the blankets bowered in a green screen and waiting, at the campfire and the blackened, battered coffee pot, at the well-worn hatchet, half buried in a tree trunk, and lastly at Saxon.


  • A shingled, rose-bowered and privet-hedge-enclosed Arts-and-Crafts style house by the sea, it was designed by local architect and aesthete Joseph Greenleaf Thorp and completed in 1897.

    Michael Henry Adams: Meeting the Maysles: Grey Gardens Comes to Harlem

  • I bowered this book from the library almost 25 years ago for my son!

    Polka Dot Cottage: Cranberry Thanksgiving

  • And if that were the case, had they been bowered together in bliss all the time poor Manny had been banged up, and were they bowered in bliss still, this very minute, a little gray-haired couple with eyes only for each other, while Manny and I, neither of us remotely blissful, traipsed the streets of London in half-silence?

    Kalooki Nights

  • She leaped a tiny creek bowered in pussy-willow buds.

    Main Street

  • And sure of no disturbance from the step of any native, here I often sat in a little bowered shelter of my own, well established up the rise, down which the path made zigzag, and screened from that and the bridge as well by sheaf of twigs and lop of leaves.


  • We passed the pillared entrance; went through a long bowered corridor and stopped before a door that seemed to be sliced from a monolith of pale jade — high, narrow, set in a wall of opal.

    The Moon Pool

  • Dorie had never seen light like that before—where she came from, bowered light was always green.

    Fear Itself

  • There were even two black kittens playing on the brick walkway leading to the rose-bowered front door, for heaven's sake.

    A Darker Place


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