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  • n. Plural form of bowyer.


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  • Or so the bowyers, fletchers, stringers and arrowhead makers claimed in their petition.

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  • The invaders began sorting through the men, pulling aside those with trades: smiths, bowyers, fletchers, bakers, brewers, butchers, millers, carpenters -- anyone of a craft or trade who might be put to use.

    Temple of the Winds

  • 'We need to kill their arrow makers and fletchers, bowyers and blacksmiths, all the craftsmen who can make and repair bows, arrows, and other weapons.

    Stone of Tears

  • The tendency for specialization would make very rapid progress, and it is easy to see how at a very early date and in the most primitive communities there would be bowyers, arrow-makers, and leather-dressers, and how various kinds of artificers would arise, supplying the wants of the community in some special line, and receiving from the community all the commodities which they required apart from those which they produced themselves.

    The Unity of Civilization

  • Oregon, and later he went into the Cascade Mountains and cut yew staves with an idea of selling them to the English bowyers.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • Thus, St. George protected the armourers; St. Mary and St. Thomas the Martyr, the bowyers; St. Catharine the Virgin, the haberdashers; St. Martin, the sadlers; the Virgin Mary, the cloth-workers, and so on.

    As We Are and As We May Be

  • Thus, in the way of Mackenzie's '_Man of Feeling_,' we become fragmentary where we fear to be tedious; and so, in a good historic epoch, among the wars of the Roses, surrounded by friars and nuns, outlaws and border-riders, chivalrous knights and sturdy bowyers, consign I to the oblivescent firm of Capulet and Co. my happily destroyed '_Prior of Marrick_.'

    The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper

  • Fletchers and bowyers, drawers and sawyers, note: First printed in 1614.

    Room for Company

  • The convention draws together most of the state's premier bowyers, equipment dealers and outfitters from Alaska, Canada and Africa. - Local News


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