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  • n. Plural form of boycotter.


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  • You are assuming that the boycotters are acting in good faith.

    Matthew Yglesias » Double Standard: In a Good Way!

  • And I do not think customers such as boycotters should be subject to state laws restricting such associations.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » What Will Kagan Say about AZ Immigration Law

  • I don't know if Mallory knew this or brought it up but David looks like a fool for criticizing Mallory from talking to "boycotters" when he talked to us a half dozen times.

    Pepper: Mallory Is Big, Bad, Black, Boogieman

  • People know there is a crime problem and they know the "boycotters" didn't create it, and aren't responsible for solving it.

    Cincinnati In Decline

  • That's why you only read about the boycott when the editors tell them to do a hit piece on the "boycotters".

    Archive 2004-11-01

  • By labeling us all "boycotters", they blurred the lines between those of us who were legitimately interested in using the boycott to bring structural change to help all people and those who wanted to use it for personal profit and fame.

    Archive 2004-11-01

  • A 2006 investigation found that 78 percent of the restaurants and seafood distributors described by HSUS as "boycotters" weren't participating at all. Headlines

  • Quite frankly, when you get a group of people together around an idea that has absolutely no moral or legal backing, and essentially boils down to "I want", you're going to end up with the majority of "boycotters" with absolutely no conviction.


  • According to Brian, downtown is safe, people need to make a distinction between downtown and Over the Rhine (no matter how much he dislikes it, Over the Rhine and the West End are part of downtown), the cops are afraid to do their jobs, cameras on every corner is the solution, and the "boycotters" (defined by Brian as any Black person courageous enough to share an opinion that the city's problems - including racial ones - deserve to be discussed and solved, not ignored) are responsible for criminals running the streets.

    Cincinnati In Decline

  • I guess we can lump all the H-S boycotters in with those Davidian freaks and McVeigh?

    Savagery in South Dakota


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