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  • n. Plural form of bracer.


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  • The bracers were the first to go, at that point though it didn't make any sense to have a

    World of war

  • A few pills in the center console cup holder as bracers before heavy traffic and $661 in the ashtray for tolls.

    Jason Shih, Jon Corzine, Ecstasy, and Middlesex County Democratic Committee paychecks. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • If you have access to decent leather of course use that, and you'll find wrist bracers and a quiver are also easy to fabricate.

    First serious bow?q

  • Leathery wings, black beneath their sprinkling of dust; taloned fingers and toes; waist-length red hair; mouth open in a silent and endless scream; abstract Celtic designs—concentric circles, triskelions, delicate loops—were inked along the right-hand side of the body, throat, torso, hand; a thick gold torc twisted around the throat; bracers encircled both corded wrists and the right biceps.

    Etched in Bone

  • Such drinks were originally created as bracers with which to greet the dawn, and Day hopes to add others to his menu.

    Supersized Cocktails

  • What about the crossbow, the rubber straps, her piercing, the metal straps on her bracers, the tidy and well kept hair, the hairless body, the shaped eyebrows and all the makeup?

    Pre-history | My[confined]Space

  • She slipped on a pair bracers with gloves attached and flexed her gloved hands to help ignore the lingering pain in her heart.

    Arcana Magi Memorial - c.5

  • Glok was all: "I go through all this trouble getting burnt to a crisp by fire elementals and all I get is some lousy bracers." and frankly, he was right, even though there was 18 stamina in the ones we found.

    Crossfire in the Blackrock Depths

  • I have a usable pair of brown LARP pants and boots, so I only really need to make the sash, vest, bracers and dagger sheaths.

    Friday LEGO

  • Anyway, I got the pvp gear I wanted: a necklace and some bracers from WSG and boots from AB.

    WoW-related post


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