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  • n. Plural form of brachiopod.


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  • The findings revealed various examples of diversity shifts, including one that took place in a group of ocean bottom-dwelling bivalves called brachiopods, which are similar to clams and oysters.

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  • The package also contained a chunk of Ordovician limestone, riddled with the fossil remains of gastropods and brachiopods, from her backyard near Madison, Wisconsin.

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  • The cool thing about the fossil is that it combines features from two other fossils that Conway Morris previously implicated as transitional stem groups between the modern crown groups “phyla” of mollusks, annelids, and brachiopods: Wiwaxia and Halkeria.

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  • Articulate brachiopods and one lineage of crinoids survived, but never again dominated the marine environment.


  • The "Cambrian fauna" typified the Cambrian oceans; although members of most phyla were present during the Cambrian, the seas were dominated by trilobites, inarticulate brachiopods, monoplacophoran molluscs, hyolithids, "small shelly fossils" of uncertain systematic posiiton, and archaeocyathids.


  • Later Paleozoic seas were dominated by crinoid and blastoid echinoderms, articulate brachiopods, graptolites, and tabulate and rugose corals.


  • We found quite a few brachiopods, some crinoids and bryozoans - your typical invertebrate fun I forgot to take pictures!

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  • In evolutionary history bivalves and brachiopods were, as Stephen Jay Gould memorably put it, ships that pass in the night.


  • Those are hundreds of inarticulate brachiopods Acrothele?

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  • In China, the fossils of mollusc-like brachiopods were known as Shih-yen, or stone swallows, which were said to be able to fly during thunderstorms.

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