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  • n. Plural form of brachiosaurid.


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  • The jaw-droppingly amazing thing about the degree of pneumatisation within MIWG. 7306 and other brachiosaurids is that their vertebrae consisted of about 80-90% air.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part II

  • One of the big questions concerning brachiosaurids is which other sauropods are members of this clade too, and this is an area currently under study by my colleague Mike P. Taylor, who has a lot of new data (and some new species) on this subject.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part IV

  • In contrast, in brachiosaurids it was small, subtriangular in cross-section, and not separated from the rest of the metacarpus.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • Its length, slender proportions and particularly prominent deltopectoral crest show that it is a brachiosaurid and, among brachiosaurids, its particularly long deltopectoral crest makes it unique and diagnosable.

    Obscure dinosaurs of the Kimmeridge Clay

  • Often regarded as a brachiosaurid, its remains are not diagnostic, nor is there any reason to think that they belong to a brachiosaurid, nor even to a macronarian (Macronaria is the sauropod clade that includes brachiosaurids and titanosaurs).

    Obscure dinosaurs of the Kimmeridge Clay

  • Scattered throughout the European Jurassic and Cretaceous record are assorted sauropod teeth that roughly resemble the teeth of better known forms, such as camarasaurs and brachiosaurids, but also have a unique look about them.

    Happy Christmas, from gigantic Spanish sauropods... or, alas, poor ‘Angloposeidon’

  • Using various measurements taken off the specimen, we argued extensively over which vertebra it might be (viz, which position it occupied in the neck: brachiosaurids had 13 cervical vertebrae), and what the result might then mean for the total length of the whole animal.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part III

  • During the evolution of titanosauriform macronarians (the group that includes brachiosaurids and titanosaurs) the thumb claw was reduced in size and eventually lost altogether.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • I'd say name it except for your second point, that named Wealden brachiosaurids are plentiful and once better material is described, some would near certainly be synonymized.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part IV

  • When Matt and I started corresponding I didn't even know of the existence of MIWG. 7306: Matt was contacting me as he was curious as to whether there might be any evidence for giant Sauroposeidon-like brachiosaurids in the British Wealden Supergroup.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part I


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