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  • n. A large herbivorous sauropod dinosaur, Brachiosaurus altithorax, which lived during the Jurassic period.


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From brachio- + -saurus; literally “arm lizard”, relating to the great length of its forelegs compared to its hindlegs.


  • The largest dinosaur is the mother brachiosaurus, which is 36 feet tall and 52 feet in length - her size limits where the show can be performed.

    Toledo Newspaper

  • One has three allosauruses standing on each other's shoulders so that they're as tall as the brachiosaurus they're stalking.

    msagara: My Worldcon Schedule

  • It is probably enough gun for velociraptors, but way too small for brachiosaurus or T Rex hunting, even with slugs.

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  • There were fruits hung a hundred feet off the ground that could be reached only by the neck of a brachiosaurus.

    Camelot Now

  • Calculations by Prof Graeme Ruxton at Glasgow University and Dr David Wilkinson at Liverpool John Moores University show that a 25-tonne brachiosaurus used 80% less energy foraging for food when its neck reached 9 metres from its torso than if had reached 6 metres.

    Dinosaurs with long necks were like 1950s vacuum cleaners, say scientists

  • With a 6-metre neck, the brachiosaurus could only have reached food immediately beneath or above it and would have had to move to reach more, but a longer neck gave the creature the ability to chomp on plants further away while standing still.

    Dinosaurs with long necks were like 1950s vacuum cleaners, say scientists

  • The brachiosaurus outside of the Field Museum wore a replica Toews jersey.

    Hilarious: WBEZ Tries To Show Some Blackhawks Pride (VIDEO)

  • No one knows who built Greylag; none can say if they were of the race of men or some older, forgotten race that walked upon the earth when the brachiosaurus still made his home in the swamps and the allosaur still gazed out from the hills at dusk, razor teeth glinting in the sunset, and called her hideous children home.

    Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware

  • Hi Darren! why Ultrasauros didn´t exist??? because curtice said that??, many paleontologist have examinated the dorsal vertebrae for years and all of them said that it was very closed to the brachiosaurus brancai of naturkunde museum. is any paleontologist to day that defend that ultrasaurs is real, that the vertebrae is of a brachiosaurid?

    Biggest…. sauropod…. ever (part…. I)

  • Gotta love toddlers, though, as he explained to me in a very school-marmish way this morning that there was a difference between a brachiosaurus and a brontosaurus, and it is that the brachiosaurus has big nostrils on its head.

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