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  • n. The presence of an abnormally short tail in some animals as a result of a genetic mutation


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  • The Pmar1-unresponsive genes wnt8, blimp1, and brachyury (Bra) (circled with hatched black lines) are dispensable for ectopic Pmar1-mediated endomesoderm induction, which probably occurs without inducing ectopic nuclearization of β-catenin in animal blastomeres.

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  • (B) blimp1 expression at 14-16 h p.f. (C) wnt8 expression at 14-16 h p.f. (D) brachyury expression at 20 h p.f. Embryos shown are representative of 100\% of at least 50 embryos in each of three separate experiments in which gfp mRNA was detected in nonvegetal regions.

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  • L. gigantea expressing nodal (red) in a single cell (2c) and brachyury (black) in two cells (3D and 3c). f-h, brachyury (black) is expressed in a symmetrical manner in progeny of


  • (B) Embryos were treated with either (a-c) DMSO or (g-i) SB (5 μM) and analyzed by WMISH to detect (a and g) brachyury at 18 h, (b and h) blimp1 at 14 h, and (c and i) wnt8 at 14 h.

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  • The gene no tail, a fish homolog of the mouse brachyury or T gene, is expressed in the notochord (Figure

    Nobel Lecture The Identification Of Genes Controlling Development In Flies And Fishes


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