from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A thin slice of meat, usually wrapped around a stuffing and cooked with wine.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian, probably from dialectal braṣola, from braṣa, glowing ember, of Germanic origin; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.


  • Meanwhile, Gia was starting to wonder if he even had a braciola in another context, a braciola was an Italian dish that looked like a nice, thick, er, piece of meat.

    Shore Thing

  • The term "braciola" confused me since 've always understood it to mean a stuffed meat roll -- usually beef -- often cooked in the tomato sauce for pasta.

    Pork Chops Florentine

  • I don't speak Italian, but as best I can tell braciola means "steak" and braciola di maiale means "pork steak or chop."

    Pork Chops Florentine

  • But she made me a cook, and so I could make Robert meatballs and braciola, pasta e fagioli and lasagna, little pieces of home at this flimsy table 2, 000 miles away.

    Black and Blue

  • The kitchen's only misstep arrived with rolls of braciola a special, which proved inedibly dry.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Involtini are generally meat based, a scallop or braciola wrapped around a filling and cooked. Italian Food

  • Try Falcinelli's grandmother's potato gnocchi, and if you make pork braciola marinara, be sure to pronounce it "bra-JOEL."

    Best Cookbooks Serve Brooklyn Brownies, Grandma's Gnocchi, Artisanal Bread - Bloomberg

  • Lugging a huge blue and white chest cooler with a pressure cooker inside, Glimcher was counting on the pressure cooker's heavy metal to keep his braciola warm. Front Page

  • Steak braciola - sirloin that's been stuffed with capicola ham and topped with cheese - is a good deal; if you're looking for something simpler, try the salmon, served broiled with red potatoes.


  • There are six entrees to pick from (all also available on the regular menu): an eight-ounce top sirloin, steak braciola, seafood tetrazzini, stuffed calamari, stuffed filet of sole and Alaskan salmon.



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