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  • n. A wrestling move in which the wrestler drops the opponent on the head to the mat.


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  • Chavo with a kick and then it is time for a brainbuster followed by a suplex.

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  • Perkins got a near fall after a brainbuster but Rance recovered and hit a super kick.

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  • Generico went for a brainbuster but Corino avoided it, covered Generico and put his feet on the ropes for the pin.

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  • O'Reilly managed to hit a tornado DDT/brainbuster combination for the pin.

  • Lyndon blocked a brainbuster attempt from Davis on the apron and then flipped off of him and nailed Chavis with a moonsault to the outside.

  • Ricochet flipped around, but Cannon caught him with a big punch and a brainbuster for a nearfall.

  • Liger gave Aries a brainbuster on the outside of the ring early on, which drew blood from Aries.

  • Silas Young & "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne when Aries used a brainbuster on Payne, before rolling Titus on top for the pin.

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  • Aries nailed Jacobs with a brainbuster on a chair and the crowd continued to go insane.

  • Candace tried to execute the ball-plex on Aries, who then nailed a kick to the head and brainbuster suplex for the win.


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