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  • v. Present participle of brain.


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  • In particular, it's interesting to see the emphasis on the electrification of speech and "braining" in Chinese, versus that of distance in "telephone" (which is itself related to telegraphy, technically, syntactically, and semantically) and numeric calculation (and practitioners thereof) for "computer".

    Word meaning as a window into thought

  • Big Brains: I've heard about this before but never heard it called "braining" Heard it ...

    Citizen of the Month

  • Can it really be called "braining" if there are, in fact, no brains inside the skull to spill?

    Balloon Juice

  • My brain is not braining, and my body's not up to snuff either.


  • "Don't you come any closer," one warned him, flourishing his club with the advertisement of braining him.


  • What can we expect from this fabulous, braining, independent woman in the next 5 years?

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • That one minute, we are waving flags and singing the praises of living in a diverse community and the next, braining people over the heads with flag poles while justifying a fear of those who are different with the least shred of shame.

    Alvin McEwen: Maybe the Terrorists Did Win on 9/11

  • Troops here told me of shepherd boys scowling their way around Bagram's outskirts, slingshotting off the occasional rock in hopes of braining an American.

    U.S. Expands Its Footprint At Bagram Air Force Base

  •   He was jumping around the store totally hyper, pointing at Hello Kitty and going, “BAM,” like he was braining her and chanting, repeatedly, “She has no mouth, you see.”

    My Date With Satan

  • The day after the story appeared in the Californian, he hightailed it out of San Francisco with three hundred dollars in his pocket and a five-hundred-dollar bail bond in his hand for the release of his friend Steve Gillis, who had been arrested by the local police for braining a bartender with a beer mug.



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